Clarke & Company Benefits offers all of our clients access to ThinkHR, a comprehensive online platform that can help you meet all of your Human Resource needs.  ThinkHR provides forms, checklists, and tools to maintain compliance, while ensuring employee engagement. This online platform also offers advice and and can answer any questions you may have.


Offers an extensive course library of both proactive and reactive risk management courses.


Provides the lifeline, expertise, and guidance business leaders need to minimize "people" risks.


Insight is the steady stream of need-to-know information that confronts  risk and compliance realities.


Delivers content that shows leaders what to prepare for, and provides guidance for events and steps forward.

Additional Information

Learn Course Catalog

Learn offers courses in topics surrounding harassment, compliance and legal, environment and climate, workplace safety, human resources, computer and IT, customer service, and professional development.

SHRM and HRCI Certified Webinars

Join HR professionals and outside speakers as they dive deep into compliance topics such as Workplace Harassment Prevention, Wage and Hour, and Leaves of Absence. Each certified webinar offers one HRCI credit and one SHRM credit.

Workplace Harassment Prevention Product Datasheet

Workplace Harassment Prevention provides access to new and existing mandated training courses that highlight best practices for updating policies and procedures, reporting incidents, and following up on complaints within each state they operate.

Benefit Documents Creater Product Datasheet

Benefits Document Creator allows employers to take control of their plan responsibilities while Live Advisors help them identify issues they need to address to protect themselves from the risks of non-compliance.

People Risk Management Datasheet

People Risk Management fills a critical need for businesses of all sizes, helping them build and maintain a strong culture, drive employee engagement and performance, and mitigate the numerous people-related compliance risks that exist in every organization.

Workplace Safety Product Datasheet

It’s imperative businesses implement safetybased courses ranging from personal safety to hazardous waste to prevent workplace risks, track injuries and illnesses as they occur to maintain reporting compliance, and prepare for potential changes on the horizon with the help of law and risk alerts.

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